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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Travel Day and Sushi!

And so...after the 6 hour taxi ride, 2 hour wait in the Colombo airport, 3 hour flight to Mumbai, 14 hour layover, followed by 16 hour flight to Newark then a 3 hour drive...IM HOME! I kept it together the whole time, but as we were descending into Newark I started to cry, not just little tears, but a hysterical, panicking, terrible cry. It was a release of sadness for the special people that I left in Arugam Bay, as well as a deep sadness about my Dad no longer being "home". I was grateful that Chris Paisley picked me up at the airport, it has always felt like home in his arms and in his presence, but it was a good to ease my way into transitioning back.

When I got home I didn't have time to dilly dally...there was a long To Do list for the week and summer ahead, as well as heaps of boxes to unpack, organize and price for this weekends trunk sale. I forgot that I'd pretty much bought myself a whole new wardrobe in India, so the presents for myself cheered me up a bit.

Brad, Ro, Mom and Me went to Faiths for sushi, which we obviously washed down with champagne and then we topped it off with some ice cream from across the street. I came home and crashed instantly, and in my dreams I was right back home in Arugam Bay...I think I'll be back sooner than later...

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