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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hair Cut Cry

I got my first "official" hair cut yesterday (my mother is a dog groomer and I usually just sit in her dog room and have her trim the ends with her shears). It all came about because Marina, Kelly and I have been having "girls" days. This usually involves exchanging massages, but since Kelly didn't give massages she chimed in "How about a hair cut"?! Well, let me tell you- Kelly is the REAL DEAL. She had her professional scissors and comb with her, and though I'd first said a firm NO to a hair cut, after seeing her magic with Marinas hair I hesitantly said Okay...

The agreement was a TRIM, only taking off the bottom inch of salt-water/sun/surf damage. I didn't threaten Kelly like I usually do my mom, and perhaps this was a mistake. Because she went ahead and "cut off the dead ends" to "clean it up". Holy SHITBALLS. She cut at least 6 inches off of my hair! My beautiful hair! I soothed the pain and shock with a strong gin and tonic and even now I still haven't come to terms with it. But as Kelly (and everyone else) has said -- "It looks so healthy!!!!". In the end, it was the ultimate lesson in detachment. There are few things that I am attached to, but my hair is one of them- and probably the strongest of them all. My hair has always made me feel beautiful, but true beauty radiates from the inside out- no matter what length your hair is. So, I've shed a few tears and am feeling a bit self conscious, but Kelly really did do an ammmmazing job and I'm grateful for her push to "detach" from the outer beauty and start to connect with the inner... Ah the wisdom that one can receive from a hair cut! Every day is a blessing and every day there's another lesson. 

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