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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Have you read THE HUNGER GAMES yet? No??? Then what the fuck are you waiting for!?! I have to admit, I was a bit delayed in picking up the books as well - it wasn't until my Dad began reading the series that I soon hopped on board. My Dad hadn't read anything for years. One of the first indications that his tumor was growing was a slight blurring of his vision and headaches. Reading a book isn't really fun under those conditions. But after I bought my mom a Kindle for Christmas this year, we discovered that with the words enlarged to the biggest font that he was able to read in small increments throughout the day. It took a while, but he read all three books. He was instantly hooked because the main character, Katniss, is a stealthy hunter - especially with a bow and arrow. The book brings up lots of fond memories for me- because, like Katniss, I too grew up cruising the woods with my Dad. I never killed anything, but I was always shooting my bow (that had custom made pink arrows with pink feathers, thanks to my Dad) and was walking through the woods with him as he stalked out a place for his deerstand. I collected the teeth from our dead pigs, collected moss from the forrest floor, and would hang outside with my Dad as he broke down the deer he'd shot. Nowadays it's less time in the woods (because I don't really want to kill deer or birds), and more time on the bay. As I've gotten older my Dad and I have spent more and more time on the back bay...clamming, crabbing, fishing, minnowing and just cruising. It's the time where my Dad feels most at home. After many years as a Captain on the open ocean, you can tell that salt water pumps through his veins. Currently his whole body is in pain, and he's a bit wobbly. But don't you know - all that he talks about is how we are gonna "kill em and eat em" this summer on the back bay - not taking any prisoners. He's already challenging me to the First, Biggest and Most bet (which I have assured him I will surely win....again). He tries to play the Brain Tumor Card, but I told him that there's no excuses and no mercy in fishing. After a (physically) rough week for him, and therefore an (emotionally) rough week for mom and I -- I'm really looking forward to tomorrows premiere of the Hunger Games. I know that once we leave the theatre that he will be amping to "get out there and kill something". I wouldn't be surprised if he's yelling KILL EM AND EAT EM at the top of his lungs while we are in the theatre....

If you haven't already picked up the books, do yourself a favor and GO GET THEM. They are a quick and easy read - but heavy in content if you're really seeing the big picture.

Here's some pictures in review of my Katniss-type upbringing....

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