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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm Clean.

I woke up this morning feeling clean as a whistle. Not really, but that's how I'd like to spin my story...hahaha. Anywho, woke up and went through my morning cleanse routine. Taught my 9:15am vinyasa class in Avalon and then headed to my cleanse-partner-in-crimes house for some juice. Ro made us Kale and Apple juice, followed by a spicy vegetable juice that was kickass. But it wasn't what I wanted. I was feeling a bit sad this morning, and with the rain and all, I just wanted to have a good cry and eat some French fries. So- that's what we did. I cried for a bit, curled into ro's arms and then I blew my nose and we headed to the circle tavern for some delicious French fries. Goddamn did they hit the spot. Powernap on the couch for a short bit and then Rochelle's husband brad said that he wanted to try out the new pizza place in Northfield, Carluccio's. It was DELICIOUS and rivaled my beloved Seattle pizza hot spot, Serious Pie. We had the Grandma's thin crust pie and it was so so so very yummy. Right now I feel fat and sluggish and tired- which is okay, because that's where I'm at today. But tomorrow I'm back to no caffeine, and a healthy diet of juice :)

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