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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Brian Ruxton (aka "Hank") and I have been great friends and surf buddies since the 4th grade. Brian is an amazing chef (he has worked as a chef at Braca's Cafe in Sea Isle City for several years now) and has finally branched out on his own. Just last year he made his delicious hot sauces available for the masses: Hank Sauce (there are four varieties that are always available, with more being added into the rotation). With his two best friends and business partners, Josh and Matt, they have opened up a Florida-Mexican restaurant in SIC on 86th street (across from BUSCH'S) offering up some delicious food. It is DEFINITELY in it's early stages. The restaurant is bare bones, no decorations, and theres barely a sign outside that lets you know its open. But all that will come before summer hits, and details aside - the food speaks for itself. The benefit is that you have all of the delectable hank sauces at your disposal. The star on the menu, as far as I'm concerned, is the "Ahi tuna Roll". Sesame seared ahi with Brians amazing mango salsa, and lettuce in a burrito wrap, sliced to look like sushi. I recommend using the Cilanktro hot sauce on this one - it is finger licking good. Please show your support and head in for a bite if you can...the boys have worked so hard to make this dream come alive. 8605 Landis Ave, Sea Isle.

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