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Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Girl.

Hipstamic app on iPhone for all the hipsters out there....Ha. Me, enjoying my signature cocktail before heading out for dinner.

Leave it to us, all EIGHT of us, to only take 4 f*ing pictures on my amaazzzing day-after-Birthday celebration!! As if my actual birthday celebrations weren't enough, all of my beloved friends (and yoga students) planned a beautiful dinner for me on the 4th at Cafe Vola's in Atlantic City. This institution-of-a-restaurant is old school Italian. It is on an unassuming street, in a basement of an unassuming house. Yep, a basement. With only one little sign to assure you that you were indeed headed into an eatery. We ate and ate and ate, and then we ate a little bit more. We consumed gallons of red wine, giggled like crazy, and enjoyed yet another evening in one anothers company. Thank you so much to Bridget, Rochelle, Kylee, Coleen, Megan, Kaitlin, and Samantha for making "my day" a very special day.

Rochelle, sipping on a "Cailin" at Bridgets house before we head out....

Kylee and I, RED WINE.

Bridget and I, stained lips from red wine and full bellies. Life is good.

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