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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Henna Party.

Well, it wasn't really so much of a Henna PARTY, because there was only three of us. And it was pretty mellow. And i was so beat up from my exciting birthday weekend that I slept through half of my henna-ing. So, lets call it a Henna Social Gathering of sorts. Kristin (Ro's sister, who just returned from India) applied henna on Rochelle and myself. The henna smells a bit and it takes a while to apply, so godbless Kristin for spending nearly two hours working on us. I had a headache from the smell (or was that from all the champagne I consumed over the weekend...?), so I'm SURE that she did too. After it was applied and had dried a bit she dabbed sugar water all over it and then I went to sleep with it on. It's pretty light on my arm, but the design on my palm is a deep, rich, earthy red. So beautiful. Thanks to Kristin for the super sweet design :)

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