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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yeeeeww! YOGA.

Gloria in full Pigeon <3

Aw schucks, I am feeling the love. My first week of teaching yoga at SURFSIDE fitness in Avalon was pretty slow. I'll admit it, I let it get me down a little bit. But alas, there is hope! Last nights Tuesday class had 8 people, and my 7am class today had 7! Everyone has left with a smile on their faces, promising to tell all their friends. The energy in the room has been amazing. It has been light hearted, encouraging and full of love. I feel so blessed to be able to share my love for yoga with others, and especially blessed to have such an amazing group of people who want to join in on that love. My good friend Tully made it to yoga this morning, and he had fooled me- I never would have thought that it was his first class! He was amazing! He did a great job of following my voice and cues, and he was pretty freaking flexible! Here he is in pigeon pose with the rest of the ladies.

Here's a shot of "Recess". Recess is what I offer up in my class as we are approaching our final resting pose, Savasana. It is 10-15 breaths of your choice-- whether your body wants head stand, plow, shoulder stand, or reclining bound angle...the choice is yours. This is Gloria and Holly in beautiful head stands, and Kylee in a supported heart-opening reclining bound angle.

Blessings everyone! Namasté.

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