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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beach Yoga Bust

Saturday's beach yoga class was amazing! Jay Wright had a bunch of friends down to celebrate his birthday, and he organized for everyone to come to yoga. Though most of his friends are athletes (Jay is the coach of Villanova's basketball team), many of them were new to yoga. It was a great experience (aside from the gnats...damn west wind)!! There was lots of laughter and I think that everybody left feeling a bit of zen.

Later that night I had my show at the Tropicana, which was spectacular. Had a few drinks earlier in the evening, and then got home late. Woke up super early, and headed to the beach with Gina to teach beach yoga. Several of my students were at my show the night before, and despite the late-hour they all said that they'd be at yoga. Well, they must have felt the way that I'D felt when I woke up, and opted to sleep a bit more. No one showed up for yoga - but I figured that since G had never done yoga before, and since she drove all the way down from north Jersey to visit - that I owed her a private lesson. She did great, and despite being exhausted it felt wonderful to move and breathe.

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