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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been getting a few inquiries about Marny. Well, everyone can sleep well now because he is coming for a visit! Marny arrives in San Francisco on October 16th, and I'll be meeting him there on Oct. 17th. He has rented a car and we will take 2 weeks driving cross country, making our way back to South Jersey and then he'll be hopping a flight back to Australia on November 3rd. I haven't seen him since Indonesia, but we Skype about once a week and lately have been busy planning our upcoming adventure! Yeeeew!! Any advice on MUST-SEE places across this beautiful country of ours?? Send em my way.


  1. Meeting the man you love in romantic San Francisco is the perfect place to begin this adventure. There will not be a single place on this trip that will be so, so. Love makes everything beautiful - I am so happy for you!