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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ro's Lobster and Corn Risotto

Ro and I have been friends for over a dozen years. She was friends with LP back in the day (she was 18, I was 10), and after hanging around our family she just never left. We love her, and though we have busy lives in the summer, we always dedicate time to our friendship in the fall. This has been the trend for many moons now-- seeing eachother once or twice in the summer and then a few times a week come September. Her and her husband Brad live on the bay in Avalon manor. Beautiful. We fill our time putzing in the kitchen, sipping on beverages, and then cuddling up on the couch watching movies. It's a routine that I love, and one that I'm glad to fall back into each coming Fall. Ro is an amazing chef- I credit her and my parents for teaching me how to cook. Last night she made us Lobster and Corn Risotto which was out of this world. As much as I enjoy going out for a nice meal, there is NOTHING like a home cooked meal- especially one that is made and enjoyed with people you love. We finished our night with Ro's homemade chocolate chip cookies and a movie. Life is good, and this Fall is looking to be a good one indeed...

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