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Thursday, September 8, 2011


I decided yesterday that I'm spending the winter in New Jersey at home. Yes - it was not an easy decision to make. I've been on the fence and off again...planning treks through Nepal and India and surf adventures throughout Oceania. Alas, there are some things more important than jaunting around the globe. Well, not many things, not many at all - really, just one thing thats more important. And thats family. So...BOOM. Here I'll be.

1. I knew that I would drive myself crazy if I was only half-heartedly committed to staying.
2. I knew that I'd need constant stimulation.
3. I knew that I'd need spending money to indulge in some shopping and fancy dinners.


1. I made a physical and emotional commitment to staying. No "Well, I could jet to El Salvador or a week or two in November...and maybe a little jaunt to Ireland after Christmas....". NO. I'm honoring to stay, and to ENJOY being here. Wherever you are, be there completely - and that's what I plan to do.

2. Constant Stimulation: Well, I made a list of every yoga class offered up within a 50 mile radius. Bikram, Yin, VInyasa, YINyasa, Power, name it. I made up a list of restaurants in the tri-state area that I want to try out. I'm vowing to experiment with new recipes this winter (yay for you guys, because I'll share the wealth...). I want to come up with a business plan for my catering company and try to take that to a new level next year. AND, I'd like to reconnect with Lance Doss and possibly record a second record.

3. Finances: I'll be working Thursdays and Fridays at Natali Vineyards in their tasting room. A few random shifts at the Stone Harbor Golf Club. I still plan to do some personal catering and cheffing it up IN peoples homes, hosting dinner parties for them. And drum roll....I am going to start teaching yoga a few days a week in a BEAUTIFUL studio in Avalon. Setting some roots, stimulating my mind, and maybe making a few bucks along the way.

So, there you have it. You have me, here. So lets do this. It's going to be a damn good winter.

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