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Monday, September 26, 2011


Labeling, one-by-one.

Only 50 more boxes to go....

Got to the vineyard by 7am today, plugged in my iPod, and got right down to business. Everything at Natali is done by hand-- old school. We put on the labels and cork the bottles, Chuck ran me through it once: lie the bottle on it's side, left hand applying pressure on the bottle as you roll it away from yourself, simultaneously pulling on the roll (of stickers) with your right hand. Easy enough. It took me 2.5hrs to get through a whole shitload of bottles, I was moving swift and sufficiently. Chuck didn't love my music selection, but he did like how quickly I made my way through the bottles. I left the vineyard at 9:30 on the dot and then enjoyed a few hours of water time in OC. The waves were super fun, and I ran into good friends Martha, Billy, Coconut Joe and Todd in the water. Grateful for a beautiful day in South Jersey.

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