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Friday, June 18, 2010


home (hōm)


  1. the place where a person (or family) lives; one's dwelling place; specif.,
    1. the house, apartment, etc. where one lives or is living temporarily; living quarters
    2. the region, city, state, etc. where one lives
  2. the place where one was born or reared; one's own city, state, or country
  3. a place thought of as home; specif.,
    1. a place where one likes to be; restful or congenial place
    2. the grave

    Home. Wow. When most of my year is spent traveling, I feel so thankful to have a place that I call home. I was worried at first about the thought of moving home with my parents, but it has been such a blessing. I'm excited to wake up every morning and share coffee with them, hug them, love them - and not via Skype...but a real hug, a face to face conversation. Another thing that I feel so thankful for is my newfound love for meditation. Now, some of you may think "Meditation -- what the fuck? this isn't for me." But, I won't lie - sometimes my meditation is not you're average "Ohmmmm" meditation. The little altar that I have set up in my room has three photos: one of my father, gazing off into the the distance, with this look of wisdom and understanding - which I love so much about him. The other is of Julia, looking out over the ocean: beautiful and deep and full of passion. The third is of my beautiful the sea with my cousins and I - so full of love. This is what I meditate to...these three photos, that I hold very close to my heart. At night when I get home from work, all the lights out- everyone asleep - I light some candles, ignite the incense, and sit in my meditation seat in quiet observation of these three photos. I put on my headphones and listen to Ray LaMontagne, take a few puffs of a hand rolled cigg {forgive me mom and dad!} and just reflect upon the profound love that I have for these three individuals. BAH. I am so moved by this moved. Something so big, so much bigger than myself, so much bigger than anything I've ever encountered. I sit at my small altar, blown away. Love, Love, LOVE. I'm so blessed. Sometimes I weep, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I just sit....Meditation, thank you for reminding me of how fortunate I am to have these people in my life. Family, thank you for creating this home for me. Julia, Dad and Mom...thank you for filling me with this profound love. Namaste.

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