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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creativity by the Bay...

Emilia Corkill + LP.

Been having a ton of fun hanging out at Maryanne's house on the bay in Somers Point. She's an amazing artist, and her house and energy just encourage creativity. She's got coloring books and crayons around the house, always some music playing from the stereo, and tons of art supplies at your disposal.

Emily, Loving the creative + eccentric vibe.

The best coloring book ever.
Spraying my artwork.

"I Aint Talkin Bout Rich, I'm Talkin Bout Wealth" Cailin Callahan Talula LoveBottoms Original for Andy Welker in Dallas.
JamDizzle, cleaning paint brushes and sipping cocktails at 11am.

Maryanne: "Cailin, let's put on these oldschool speedo bathingsuits, jump in the bay, and then when JamieD gets here we will walk up from the bay and be like 'o, we were just swimming some laps' "

Me: "Umm, I dunno Mair. I don't want to put that suit on. I'll look ridiculous"

Maryanne: "CAILIN, It'll be hysterical. Just put it on. Put it on put it on put it on."

Me: " I dunno Maryanne"

Maryanne: "CAILIN, DO it."

Me: " Okay. Well, atleast lets do a photoshoot or something..."

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