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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Orzo + Pesto

I was putzing around the kitchen this morning and was trying to come up with some new recipes. Still going strong with the whole "no meat" thing, so anything delicious and vegetarian has been my goal. Without really knowing where I was going I cooked up some orzo in vegetable stock. It has to cook for about 8 minutes, so in those 8 minutes I opened up the fridge and stared inside...looking for something to JUMP out at me. Well, I had some fresh basil leftover from the night before. And we had a big jar of sundried tomatoes. For the past 8 months I have been living without my favorite appliance, the FOOD PROCESSOR, so I vowed to put this to use as well. Into the F.P. went a huge handful of fresh basil, several sliced up sundried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and some grated romano cheese. I just gave it a few pulses in the processor and then mixed it in with the cooked orzo. I'm completely obsessed with grape tomatoes, so I sliced a dozen of them in half and threw them into the mix. Vavavoooom...a delicious, light lunch. Headed to Michelle's yoga class and brought her some of this orzo pesto salad as well as a serving of my cous cous salad that I also made earlier in the day. Her class was AMAZING as always. Usually her classes make you build up a sweat - but this was a mellow slow flow, which I was SO thankful for since I've been feeling under the weather. Thank you Michelle for ANOTHER epic class.

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