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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Falling. Something a lot of us are afraid of, including myself...until now. Today I fell in Michelle's yoga class, not once but twice! The first time was coming out of an attempted headstand (without the safety of a wall to catch me) and I got it but then swung myself with so much force that I fell over, but thankfully and (surprisingly) gracefully I fell into a wheel! Woohooo, a fun accident. I wasn't so lucky the second time when I was attempting forearm stand, I landed flat on my face....I'm surprised I didn't get a nosebleed. It didn't hurt though, only for a second really, and it made me realize that for YEARS I've been afraid of falling - and why? It hurts for a second, but then you get back up and try again. My goal for the summer: be able to do a forearm stand and headstand, without the assistance of a wall - and without flinging my body to the ground. But if, or should I say WHEN, I do fall - I hope that I keep dusting myself off and getting back up....

I keep blaming my fat booty and thick thighs on my inability to lift the lower half of my body into the sky - but I need to overcome "excuses" as well. Add that to the "to do" list....

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  1. i did my first headstand without the wall last week! I fell too but hey, ain't progress a hoot?!?!?!
    xoxox love you julisa