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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Piece of Peace.

Meditation is still so very new to me, but it is so very powerful. I had several "safe havens" in Encinitas...particularly Nicoles house and Grays house. I wanted to carve out a peaceful place for myself here in New Jersey - so in my room I built a little "meditation altar". On the altar are...

-3 crystals, all gifted to me:
one as a child from a family friend
one from Del Moro
one from Kristen Watson
-prayer beads I purchased years ago
-a photo of my family
-scarf from emily corkills travels abroad
-and some candles, incense + little buddha relics

It sounds silly...but I try to find time every day to sit down and just be. I may not exactly "meditate" any exact meditation, but I take up to a half hour to just honor myself...and breathe.

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