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Monday, January 20, 2014

Presence by means of Gurdjieff

On the first leg of my flight I started reading "The Reality of Being : The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff" by Jeanne De Salzmann, a book that my friend Pepper had highly recommended. Well, I have been devouring it. I actually haven't minded this cramped, stale-air flight either- because I am so grateful for the stillness that it has invoked and the solitude that it entails. This is the first time in weeks that I have had the time to just be with myself. Now, I know that this is partly my fault because I wasn't creating space for myself, but I felt like my energy was being pulled in many directions, my attention needed in several commitments, and my love was being demanded BY and *wanting to be* shared WITH everyone around me.

None of the past few weeks matter now, because I am in the present. And in this present, I am working on my Presence...the art of attention. I reaffirm how important it is to take this time for myself to therefore be a better teacher to my community. My consciousness has risen just in this measly three hour flight thanks to solitude, guidance through the inspiration and intelligence of Gurdjieff, and a desire to dig deeper. Be prepared for many posts about my discoveries and for this name to pop up quite often in this summers classes....

Yay for learning! Hooray for good books and gurus! I am so happy!

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