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Friday, January 31, 2014

And so the days go...

And so the days go...

On my mat by 5:30am for several rounds of (hatha) sun salutations, pranayama and meditation. By 6:30am I have a cup of hot water with lemon in my hand and 15min later I'm making (my favorite) walk over the creek, crossing the train tracks, and then walking cross the field (and of course saying hello to the brown cow) to the beach. I surf a few at Lazy Left, where I can slowly wake up with this long, super shanti, cruisey backhander. Then I paddle down the beach to Rams, the heavier, zippier, shallow (short board) break for some super fun punchy waves on my frontside. Already I am amongst "family" here with a strong community of friends from last year, new buddies that I've met in the water this year, an amazing crew that is staying here at Asankas as well, and three friends from home (margate nj) Lindsay. Courtney and Brian.

After a few hours of surf I get out and enjoy a breakfast of: two hard boiled eggs, a slice of papaya and a pot of hot tea. I take my breakfast slowly and solo, soaking it all in. After brekky I head back to my room for an intuitive flow. I simply lay on my mat, ask my body what it wants, and respond appropriately. It has been amazing. I don't feel that I "should" do this or do that, I just do what my body calls for- and it lovingly responds with good health and happy limbs.

After yoga I read for a bit and journal (a lot). I have been writing like a mad dog...inspired by the simple yet direct questions that Ana Forrest asks in her book "Fierce Medicine". I have been doing a lot of fear journaling, intention writing and in depth explorations of the heart [and it's connection to body]. Perhaps I play some music, or drink more tea, or maybe just relaxing, that is until it's time for lunch (Rice and Curry for 200rs at Ronnie's shack down the street).

I've felt a strong connection with Carl, a British gentlemen whom is a teacher in Singapore. He is a brilliant conversationalist, a very empathetic listener, a great musician and just a joy to be around. We talk a lot about things that matter and nothing that's 'on the surface'. It has been a "heady game" for me since I've come away-- diving pretty deep into spirituality and matters of the heart, so I have been feeling a bit of disconnect from a lot of people, having a hard time to relate and make day-to-day conversation. I appreciate the comfort and safety that I have in Carls friendship. Sri Lanka has changed quite a bit since I was last here less than a year ago...the backpackers are moving in and it has a bit of a Bali feel to it. There's lots of short shorts, cheek kissing and large groups of beautiful-hipsters hanging on one another. It makes me uncomfortable because I just can't...feel comfortable! People my age have always been a challenging scenario for me. My life coach says that it's because of being bullied in high school. Who knows. Carl says it's because my spiritual age is drastically different than theirs. I agree with them both. When I feel the insecurities start to creep in when I'm around a group like this, I breathe into it and journal through it. Slowly slowly. Progress is coming.

After a lazy, inspired, satisfying afternoon I'll rest my eyes for a few minutes and then have a sunset surf session. Shower. Read. Journal. Dinner (rice and curry) with friends. In bed by 9pm.

As Ghandiji says, "Simple Life, Good Life".


Cailin Callahan

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