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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baja Zen + Golden Buddha

Join me in Mexico at Baja Zen next year to become a GOLDEN BOO!!
Kim, owner and mastermind behind the beautiful retreat space, BAJA ZEN.

This training is going to be 300hours (with 200hour Yoga Alliance TTC), which will last 4 weeks. Classes will be 6 days a week, with Sundays off. There is accomodation on the property, or your welcome to stay elsewhere and commute. The training will have your traditional 'teacher training' background, but will be infused with a lot of alternative, creative ways to go deeper and understand on a more intricate level.

    • Why study with GBY?
    • Golden Buddha Yoga presents a wholehearted approach to learning yoga.. Our offerings are creative and fun yet the integrity of ancient yoga teachings are preserved. We are a collective of teachers who share the intention of applying the whole of the yoga system as a blueprint for living. Because we three are made up of differing qualities and life experiences, our approach to this shared intention are equally varying. Our well-versed dynamic guarantees that we will teach you the gift of yoga in all its magnificent facets. We promise to give you the necessary tools and support so you can apply all of the teachings to your life with grace and integrity. As the saying goes, There are many doors to the same house. We want to show you as many as possible.
    • We love what we live, that’s why we teach it. We have learned that love and inspiration are the best tools for teaching. We want you to fall in love with they yoga system as we have.
    • Together we will explore the the heart of our practices through the principles and foundations of Anatomy, Philosophy, Ancient Yogic texts, Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation…...
    • Why 300 Hours?
    • With an added 100 hours we will take time to dive deeper into our creative processes through art projects and other mind opening adventures. We will explore ways in which we can hone in our our listening and observation skills. Using daily rituals, we will tap into our individual source of inspiration and so not only is it a learning experience, our teacher training is a life changing experience and will bring you closer to your most authentic self.
    • Why abroad?
    • Removed from your surroundings and comfort zone, your habits and with minimal distractions you are able to revel in the new information and knowledge. Enjoy the unwavering support of fellow teachers and students. Experience not only the teacher training but the incredible surroundings of Baja, Mexico. In a beautiful, expansive environment; our spirits have a chance to receive the teachings with a clear mind and open heart.
    • By taking ourselves abroad, we can relax into the spirit of the system. Being comfortably away allows us to create a new neutral from which we can learn. We are essentially practicing pratyahara, limiting our senses to support a greater goal - in this case, the quest for knowledge and self-transformation. We can learn the tools and the teachings from the ground up and create a strong foundation that will be easier to sustain once we all return home.
    • Venturing from home to study for a few weeks allows this act to be incredibly personal, and therefore deeply special. You can be whomever you want to be, whomever you truly are, without the pressures of the social milieu from which you’ve come. It is so valuable in this present world to thoughtfully slow down, remove ourselves, pause, observe, recallibrate, and then move forward. 
    • Why intensive?
    • Participating in an intensive training allows us to deepen our dedication towards our practice with minimal distractions. With day to day integration of the knowledge we learn, it becomes a tangible part of you, that you are certain carry with you always. We understand that you are busy, and getting away can be a challenge but our teachings are offered in a focused direction and pleasantly intensive way so that your yoga immersion is a great pleasure and exciting exploration!

  • And this is a basic outline for the day (which obiously will change here and there...)

Jan 25th- Feb 22nd

6am - 9am SADHANA

9am-9:45am BREAKFAST

9:45am-10am SANSKRIT


12pm-3pm LUNCH:Free Time


6pm-7:30pm Dinner


The studio space at Baja Zen...

The rooms at Baja Zen...

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