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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Home, Sweet Ceylon!

I love love love Sri Lanka. Love Sri Lanka! It begins with the flight. It was 10 hours from London to Colombo, but it's the most comfortable, accommodating flight. The crew is super friendly and are happy to keep your wine glass, tea cup, and water glass full. There are endless movies to watch and big, warm blankets to cuddle up with.

We hit the ground and I was one of the first ones off of the plane. I've done this before so there's no looking around at the signs, it's like my muscles knew where to take me. I had a grin from ear to ear that I couldn't suppress-- and I happily chimed "Ayubawan!" (Hello) and "Kahomaday!?" (How are you) to every Sri Lankan I passed. I handed my information to immigration and was through in seconds. My surfboard was already waiting for me and my checked bag was one of the first on the carousel. I walked out the exit and headed straight to the money exchange counter that I have used in the pass and then to the Airtel stand where I activated my SIM card for my little local (Nokia) cell phone. My ride was waiting there for me and we were off.

I'm now in the car, heading down the highway, Sinhalese tunes blaring through the radio! I love Sri Lanka! It feels like home!

Cailin Callahan

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