not all who wander are lost.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wanderlust, Warmth and World Domination!

It's so big...but so accessible. Trips me out on the daily...
Theres nothing like a bit of spontaneity! I leave for Mexico this Monday morning and will be back to teach on SUNDAY!
Golden Boo....let the rebranding transformation begin!
Nina and I scheming, planning, playing, eating, laughing and loving every bit of the journey!!
Yes! Yes! Yes! That's how I feel now!!!! Headed up to NYC yesterday to meet up with Nina and start planning for World Domination! So exciting! "With Paraiso Adventures our wellness and adventure retreats are an amazing way to deepen your practice, explore the world, and really form a deep connection to the local culture and global community." It is such exciting stuff! Equally exciting is the fact that I am going to Mexico this MONDAY to lead a yoga retreat! Boom. Pow. Shazaam. A small, beautiful retreat in our Rancho Las Cruces location where I'll be teaching again in APRIL (over Easter). Heading to yoga now with a huge smile on my face! Life is amazing!

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