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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Advanced Sen Lines....

I have busted my ass these past three days...juggling work, life, friends, a little bit of sleep, and a lot of massage training! I did a Thai Massage Level III Advanced Sen Lines training, with special focus on the Ittha-Pingkhala Sen lines. Sen Lines are the Thai name for India's (Ayurveda) "Nadis" and Asia's (Chinese medicine/Taoism) "Meridians". As they say in Asia, "Same Same, But Different". Because I come from a yogic (Indian/Ayurvedic) background, it was a bit confusing, but it's all falling into place. Ittha/Pingkhala sen lines are same same but different from the Indian Nadis Ida and Pingala. Though I learned about the Ten major Sen lines, I learned a 75-minute 'therapy' (flow) for just Ittha/Pingkhala. And it couldn't have come at a better time because THIS is the part of my body that is out of balance...

The ORGANS passed through are...
- nose
- sinus
- eye
- brain
- muscles of the neck, shoulder, back, buttocks, thigh
- lungs
- lower abdomen
- kidneys
- bladder
- colon, lg intestine

- headache
- stiff neck
- shoulder pain
- common cold
- cough
- nasal obstruction
- throat ache
- eye pain
- chill and fever
- abdominal pain
- intestinal diseases
- back pain
- diseases of the urinary tract
- dizziness
- knee pain

Energetically it relates to emotional issues that we hold from the past.

Well...what the fuckballs. I *literally* have had every single one of those ailments this week, and only in this past week! Also this week I have been crying throughout the days....feeling a deep, empty sadness. I don't think that I cry for my Dad, knowing that he's still in my heart, but I cry for the physical void that he's left (if that even makes sense...?). Anywho, fucked up week. I have felt very drained, very challenged and very sad. So to teach and live AND do this intense training was quite difficult for me. But, I put my head down and dove in- and I'm so grateful that I did. I love my teacher, Rose Griscom, and I'm so happy to now have a better understanding of how to heal (myself and) others. I'm fascinated by body/mind/energy connection of it all, and so excited for all of the doors that this knowledge opens up!

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