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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toni Hilson

"Stay together friends. 
Don't scatter and sleep. 
Our friendship is made of being awake."

- Rumi

Toni Hilson is a family friend, and one (of the many) that showers my family and I with endless love, support, food, and positivity. At least once a week Toni stops over with a shit-ton of food: appetizers, entrees, seafood and alcohol (once a week - SEVERAL bottles of wine, and a few 6 packs...every.single.week). She's given my mom a whole bounty of plants and herbs for the garden and, knowing that my mom won't do anything for herself, she went on a shopping spree for my mom - giving her a whole new wardrobe. To call her "generous" would just be scratching the surface. The least that I can do in return for all that she's done and continues to do for my family, is to brag about her on the blog. As my Dad would say, "God Bless Toni Hilson": thank you for feeding our bellies and our hearts.  

Tonight's spread: Artichoke Asiago dip, Crab Claws, Shrimp, She Crab Soup, gourmet stuffed Olives, Pasta Salad and Potato Salad, Cheeses and Charcuterie.

Me and Toni.

Enjoying good food, good company, and an epic playlist (thanks to Pandora "The Lumineers" station).

Snapper says that the soup is good.

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