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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Sun + Fun.

John Lombard in Tripod Headstand.
The last few minutes of class (recess: move into a posture that feels best for you) before final relaxation @ beach yoga. (41st Street Beach, Ocean City)
This beautiful card, along with a Lao Tzu book of poetry + a packet of Morning Glory seeds, were gifted to me at beach yoga by my beautiful friend Lorraine. My good friend John DiGenni introduced me to the Serwakta family, and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Lorraine, Brooke, and Tommy: thank YOU for sharing your positive love and light upon me.
After yoga I met my parents at the beach in Strathmere for two hours of relaxation and sunshine before heading to Sunset Pier to waitress for the night. The beach was beautiful and work was steady :)
After work I felt the need for a few laughs and a cocktail - so I forced Johnny to hang out with me for a bit. Hung at his house and had many, clutch-your-ribs holy-hell-my-face-hurts laughs and then headed home for bed. Life is beautiful.

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