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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Long Days.

Super-flexy hips in Saturdays slow flow vinyasa @ the Margate Zen Den.

Bathing my body now in Traumeel (joint/muscle pain gel, all natural) as I lay in bed and plan out my tomorrow. Muscles are aching, limbs are twitching and my body is finally starting to realize that the day is over and it's time for bed. About 5 hours of rest before another (busy busy bussssy) day. This morning I taught two yoga classes back to back and then met my family at the beach for a bit. Every time I dozed off for a second someone would wake me up. Oh well. Only a bit of time for leisure before I jetted to Sunset Pier for work. Home a little after 11....sipped on some wine as I soaked my aching body in the hot tub, jets full blast. In bed now applying the Traumeel and coming up with tomorrows flows (7am beach yoga, 9:30am flow) and getting together clean work clothes for tomorrows shift. Boom, and so summer begins....

Dad and his buddy Gary...just hanging out and strolling down to the water.

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