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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Days

Was out of the house at the crack of dawn and surfed for a solid hour with my friend Marc @ the south side of the 59th street pier in OC. I was super grateful that he guilt tripped me into getting out of bed, because the waves were perfect and we were the only two in the water. I jetted out of the water and sped down to 9th street to teach my 8am vinyasa. I only had 3 people in class, a big drop from last weeks crowded room, but hopefully it'll pick back up come the full swing of summer. After my class I had to substitute a class in Margate at 10am. On the way home I figured that I'd check the waves, even though I knew that they wouldn't be that good. In Jersey you have a small window of opportunity to get good waves. I'd surfed the HIGH tide at the CRACK of dawn...and magically when I got to the beach at dead LOW in the middle of the afternoon, it was still perfect. Magic! That NEVER happens! Surfed the waves all by myself for well over an hour and then passed out on the beach. No caffeine, no food, and a full morning - I was beat up. Woke up nearly two hours later (so much for just closing my eyes for a minute...) with a gnarly sunburn on my whole backside. Oops. Got home and am now enjoying a (fresh) clam feast with my family: Mom, Dad, Brad and Ro. Clams casino, clams on the half shell and steamers. Boom. Life is good and I am GRATEFUL for having a night off. Hug your families and tell them that you love them....

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