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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Muscle Testing


I have known Emily for about 6 wonderful years now, and she is a powerful and amazing individual. She's been living in Boulder, Colorado for a little more than two years now - and as some of you may remember, this is who I connected with while driving cross country earlier this fall. Em knows a lot about everything that I am familiar with, and also with things that I HOPE to become familiar with. She's a baker out in Boulder, but for years she has worked different jobs in the Health and Holistic field. If you have a question about supplements, diet or energy work: Emily is your girl. She came to my Tuesday night class and then came back to my house for some dinner and a good old fashioned sleepover. As exhausted as we both were, we chatted on into the evening about yoga, meditation, babies (Emily is becoming certified to be a Doula), supplements, food, astrology, love, energy and all that other stuff that most people in South Jersey aren't too concerned about. My brain was in overload, and my heart was on the brink of combusting. I was soaking up all that she had to said, asked a million and one questions, and enjoyed running through some of lifes difficulties with her -- a compassionate, insightful, thoughtful and wise woman. The depth of the conversation is a bit too much to share with the WWW, but I WILL share the amazing MUSCLE TESTING sequence that she taught me....

MUSCLE TESTING: So, I was telling Emily about how my joints have been the point that it hurts to move (lymes disease). For this she recommended a super potent, high quality fish oil and lots of turmeric root and ginger. Excited - I reached for our huge supplement cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Fish Oil and a bottle of Turmeric pills...."Is this what you'd recommend", I asked. She responded with "Well, does it resonate with your body?". Huh? What the friggin' hell does that mean? She explained how to do the Muscle Testing, and godddamnit - the freakiest thing ever - and it worked!!! She had me stand and hold my phone against my chest with my right hand (if you are a righty- you'd use your right hand...a lefty, use your left). Then she had me extend my left arm straight out. Then she said that she was going to try to press my left arm down, and to resist. Sadly, it went down rather abruptly. "Shit", I thought, "I need to build some muscles...add in a few more chatarungas to my practice". Then she had me hold the bottle of turmeric to my chest, and when she pushed my arm down it barely moved!!!! Well shit balls...I was intrigued. So I was grabbing things all around me and holding them to my chest, having her press down my opposing arm. My body did NOT resonate with the brand of fish oil that we had. After going through a bunch of different objects, I was completely sold on the power and accuracy of the "muscle testing". Emily said that the next time I'm at the store and want to pick out a supplement -- just close my eyes, hold the container to my chest and have someone try to push my arm down.

Well goddamn - people ALREADY think I'm a bit looney - I can't imagine what everyone will think when they see me doing this! But who cares, I know that I'll be taking supplements that energetically correspond with my body.

In addition to just the beautiful physical presence of Emily, she also came with a present for meeee!! Sonia Choquettes' "Ask Your Guides ORACLE CARDS". My dove for a card and she picked "REST" and I dove for a card and came up with "BALANCE". How spot on! Mom has been saying for all of December how EXHAUSTED she is and how she needs to just take some time to sleep, rest, and rejuvenate after a very long, very exhausting (physically and mentally) year. Balance was perfect for me because lately I have been spreading myself thin - trying to give 180% of myself to each and every yoga class. I'm reading half a dozen kundalini/zen/meditation/vinyasa/and philosophy books simultaneously, as well as trying to promote myself and create a business. Balance, yes. I promise to honor that.

Anywho -- all in all, a FABULOUS visit from my very wonderful friend, the lovely and amazing EMILY BOGY.

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