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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moroccan Madness

Wow. I cook a lot...and I gotta say, I'm pretty good at it. But for the first time ever I totally knocked my own socks off. I can't believe the I pulled off this many dishes, for this amount of people, in such a short amount of time. And I never lost my cool (only a few times when I was making the cookies...I'm definitely NOT a baker). I shopped, prepped, and cooked. I cleaned the house (and myself) and set the table in true Moroccan fashion. After many hours cooking I soaked in a hot tub infused with orange blossom water. I scrubbed my body with coarse salt and lavender oil. I soaked my hair in rose water. What an experience. Then I put on my finest Moroccan threads and finished the final preparations before company arrived. There was Middle Eastern music playing in the background, incense wafting through the air, and the scent of cumin, fresh herbs, lemon, and exotic spices filling your nose. There is NOTHING better than preparing food for people that you love, and then getting to share it with them and enjoying it in their company. Out of my many family meals, this has been my best. Hands down. Recipes will be posted later tonight I promise!!

All of the place settings had name cards, fresh mint in the tea cups, no silverware (in true Moroccan fashion), and a bowl of rose water to your right to rinse your fingers before and after the meal.

Women in the kitchen....

The people I love.

The ladies...posing with the fabbbbulous "Food of Morocco" by Paula Wolfert cookbook that inspired the meal.

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