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Sunday, December 11, 2011


If I can't GO to Morocco, the next best thing is bringing Morocco to me. I'm transforming the house, dressing in my finest Morocco-inspired threads, and hosting a 14-dish Moroccan feast for 10 people. The catch...I know nothing about this north African cuisine! SO, I ordered Paula Wolferts famed cookbook, "the Food of Morocco". It is visually enticing (the photographs as well as the graphic design), and the recipes are mind-boggling (some that are accessible, some insanely complex). Recipes call for ingredients such as Orange Blossom Water, Harissa (a Moroccan hot pepper paste), and preserved lemons. When I first started planning this I rolled my eyes, because I had gotten myself WAY in over my head. But now that I've come up with an hour-by-hour game plan for prepping, slicing, dicing, steaming, sauteeing and roasting- I'm feeling better about this ambitious feast. I'm particularly excited about the drinks. Obviously we will be drinking Moroccan mint tea throughout our meal, but there will be cocktails as well!!! Morocco is 90% Muslim, so I was kind of own my own as far as cocktail recipes go. So I decided on a Pomegranate Martini (made with pomegranate vodka and infused with a homemade cardamom syrup), and a mint and pomegranate mojito! Now just say a little prayer for me that I can actually pull this off....

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