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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bottling Banana

Work was super slow today at the Vineyard, but atleast I got some excitement...we bottled our Banana Wine! This is one of our best sellers at the vineyard...100% banana, peel and all. No essence, no sugar, no grapes, nothing besides banana (and yeast). 15.9% and an epic after dinner drink, or better yet - put some in a blender with chocolate ice cream and you've got yourself a Monkey Mudslide!! Here's how the bottling process goes:

1. Label the bottles.

2. Line em up along the bottling contraption that is connected to the barrel of filtered banana wine.

3. Cork em.

4. Place foil "hat" onto top of bottle.

5. Place "hatted" bottle on the bottle cradle and then push into "furnace" to melt the foil, airtight. Only hold inside for 2 or 3 seconds.

5. Boom.

Tomorrow we bottle our Beach Plum, and then later in the week we bottle our Dolcetto and Riesling!! Saturday December 10th we will be having our Holiday Cheer festival from 11am - come stock up on wine for the holidays, pick up some christmas gifts (we will have vendors), enjoy some delicious food (bunches of great food vendors) and of course - enjoy some wine while listening to the live music!! Free admission.

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