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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Matty.

My little cousin (who in fact is a foot and a half taller than me), Matty, came in for dads birthday party last week. Despite being an all-star rugby player, ladies-man, and party boy- he is also a great chef. His mother never cooked much growing up, so I don't know where the inspiration or skills came from...perhaps his latest job working in a restaurant. Anyways, when he left to head back to maryland for college, mom and I sent him home with heaps of goodies. Included in his goodie bag were cherry tomatoes and white eggplant. WELL, Wednesday night he MMS'd me a picture of the dinner that he made: tandoori chicken, roasted with onions, cherry tomatoes and white eggplant. I was so proud! Love you Matty- keep sending on the creations.

BTW: Matty introduced me to an awesome application for your iPhone, it's called STUMBLE UPON. With this app you select categories that you like, and then it collects things of interest. Mattys selections are rugby, drinking and cooking. He has gotten some amazing recipes from this thing, so check it out!

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