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Sunday, August 14, 2011

And the Memories Continue....

Today the entries are.....Cailins Friends, Work Friends (South Jersey Industries), and Friends-From-The-Good Old Days.

Tomorrow will be....Surf Friends and Friends of the Family.

The last day will be mine and moms.

**CAILINS FRIENDS (who are now, of course, friends of my Dad):

A chronological life’s history as it relates to Paul Callahan *(in time line format)

March, 1987: First and foremost!!!!! The glorious birth of his daughter, my best friend, Cailin Callahan. The author notes that Doreen (queen of the sun) Callahan also played a crucial role in this birthing.

Christmas 1988-Christmas 2003: the Bandy’s join the Callahan’s for any number of EPIC Christmas bashes. While the author was at the time too young to recall particular details, she distinctly remembers the feasts revolving around bushels of clams & crabs, platters of perfectly fried flounder and striper and heaps of pork and venison, all whom fell at the deadly hand of Paul Callahan.*Note: Paul is most famous for coining the phrases “if it flies it dies” and “if it’s brown it’s down.”

Somewhere around 1994- Paul Callahan creates and gives me my first bow and quiver of arrows, which shone a brilliant shade of pink. The pink bow nicely contrasted my yellow bruised forearm because what ten year old girl knows how to properly shoot a bow and arrow.*note: this subsequently was also last bow and arrow set I have owned.

The years between 1994-1997? My brother Wes and I spend many days of our summers under the watchful eyes of Paul and Doreen Callahan.*Mainly, Cailin and I fought off the fury of my brothers fists. Wes enjoyed dunking us in the pool, practicing his pro wrestler moves on us and eating anything (including our lunches) he could get his hands on.

Note:*It’s around this time the phrase “you’re goddamn right” took on a whole new meaning.

Summer 2001-2003: The author spends time clamming, crabbing and fishing with Paul, Cailin and Doreen. It’s not as leisure as it sounds. Usually the day would start very early, with Paul talking smack about how he’s gonna catch the first fish, most fish and the biggest fish of the day. It’s also around this time that seemingly every activity revolves around world domination. More on that later

Winter/ Christmas of 2002: Elfy dude and I tag along with the Callahans to spend Christmas is VT with Paul’s brother Sean. It’s here where Paul, Sean and I engaged in a friendly world domination ski-off. Rules are as follows: first one to reach the bottom of the mountain without falling wins. Anything goes. The author recalls how Paul was skiing next to her (16 years old at the time), yelling “fall bitch, fall!!”, the whole way down the mountain. Yes, I did eventually fall.

Summer 2004: Paul enjoys teaching me, the self proclaimed vegetarian/animal lover how to clean wild game. Oh the glories of mis-guided youth. Everyone gets a laugh out of this because no one can get away with a vegetarian diet at the Callahans. For those 7 meatless years the thing I missed the most was Paul’s scrapple. God damn that stuff is good!!!!

One two skip a few....summer of 2006: the author brings Gordon, now her fiancĂ©, to meet the Callahans. Upon first introductions Paul asks Gordon if he is from that t.v. Show L.A. ink.*Side note: The author would like the readers to know that Paul’s “inside voice” is many decibels higher than the average person.*Paul then proceeds to set up a world domination cook-off with Gordon ( the featured ingredient being monk-fish liver) and that the loser gets a red hand print on their ass. If you don’t quite get this, don’t worry, we don’t either. It sure got a lot of laughs though.

Present day and all the days not listed: The author, while she doesnt make it home often, still enjoys Paul’s hunting, fishing and world dominating tales relayed to her by Cailin and Doreen. She knows that life sure wouldn’t have been the same without this wonderful person as a part of it. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and send all my love from Seattle.

Love – Julia Bandy

The first time I met Paul I walked into your kitchen and he took one look at me and said “What is this, fuckin Miami Ink?” I love that memory. Happy Birthday! Love, --Gordon (Julisas fiance)

Paul Callahan.

Son of Glam and PopPop.

Brother to 9.

Wife to Doreen (pronounced Dreen) Father to Cailin. (pronounced caylin)

Protector of his family.

Hunter of animals.

King of the fishermen.

Pirate of the Sea.

Mr.Fix-it of his home.

Chef of anything Venison

In the two and a half short years I have known Paul Callahan these are just a few of many things that come to mind. What I love most about this man are his sayings. his “god damn right!” or his “god bless ya’s” or my favorite he said to me “you have to marry a good man!”, always put a smile on my face.

I look to him, Doreen, and Cailin each and everyday for strength. The families positive attitude radiates through a room. Every day I feel blessed to know the three of you. The amazing trifecta that doesn’t let anything get them down.--Sarah Rohrman

“Power Hook”

The word/phrase power hook was founded when two of America’s best fisherman met for the first time on the water in the back bay of Strathmere, NJ in the summer of 2004 (Paul Callahan & Andrew Welker- brought together by Cailin Callahan). The bait used on this particular trip was shark belly and the the fish sought after was flounder. After hooking countless fish after fish Mr. Welker decided to give Paul a heads up on yet another hook set (almost like Babe Ruth called his shot in baseball). After a small bite triggered the avid fisherman (Andrew) he would yell “POWWWEERRRRR HOOOOK” and jump 2-3 feet in the air setting the hook as hard as possible. Paul Callahan seemed to get a laugh every time and since then the power hook has become a tradition when the two meet on the water. I am hoping to use the “Power Hook” on my next visit late in August!

Happy Bday Paul Callahan- You are a LEGEND in my book!! Love -- Andy Welker

this should be hand written and personally given to you, but my arms arent 2.5hours long. not sure if you can print 1, 2, or 3 of these pics, but each one of these tell a million words of your pops. his fucking hilarious personality, incredible ball buster, that loud violent laugh, total trickster, and I could go on. How bout that fish pic? THAT was the night he was on a whole nother paul level. “HOLY CHRIST, who here would not FUCK that girl?!” “Im either going to get fucked tonight or my ass kicked. im going with the second one” wow . as im typing this, it just dawned on me. christ this is supposed to be going in a card and cc is gonna have to put a parental advisory label as if this is a guns n roses album. oops. anyway, the photo with the crabs. I wanted to remind him of the time the tables turned and I totally got him by putting these in his room. clack clack clack PINCH! I often look back at my travel photos and laugh most and smile the biggest when a Callahan is in them. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for always delivering smiles, love, laugh, and deer meat. “GOIN LEFT RIGHT” --jamie motherfuckin D

So, as you know, I don’t know your dad that well. But my thoughts include this: When I first met you I was struck by how close your family seemed to be. As time passed, I realized that everyone who knows your mom and your dad are very close. And that is a huge group. You have to go far and wide to meet someone who doesn’t know Paul Callahan. And you won’t find anyone within that group that doesn’t have, not just kind words, but words of sheer admiration for your dad.

I feel intensely lucky to have been able to break bread with your dad and hang on the beach and listen to him critique the surfers. The man knows what he is talking about and there is no bullshit. He is the type of man that inspires all those around him to become better people.

Happy Birthday to Paul Callahan!

With love,

--Karen Barlow

#1 - I love you, you are a true badass.

#2 - You really are good at everything, old guys with red asses DO rule.

#3 - (really loud) LAS OLAS DE LOS DIOS IS MIOS!!!!!! --Love, Lara Pappas

What makes Paul Callahan the gem he is? It’s hard to put an exact moment, memory, picture or outburst to it, it’s more like a big combination of all those things that make up this special man. From “World Domination” tournaments, SciFi Fridays, Clams and Spaghetti to his broken surfing Spanglish, there is little I don’t find entertaining and nothing I don’t love. He’s a goddamn one man show!

He is certainly one to speak his mind and someone I always admire because of this, for always doing the things he loves and being such a great father to Kaylin (Yes, Kay-lin) and a loving husband to Doreen.

One funny story about me and Paul involves the infamous Captin’ Timmy. We were all out at Busch’s when Cailin was at work when Captin’ Timmy’s entire family strolled in. Paul decided to pretend I was ol’ Tim’s girlfriend through the evening. The shock on their faces was priceless and Paul was looking and laughing like he had just pulled off the biggest scam..haha.

If I could pin one moment that would represent how I feel about him, it would be when those little punks on 2nd Ave were making fun of Paul for wearing his surfing helmet, I yelled at them and scared them a bit (maybe I even told them they were going to be eaten by sharks..)..I know he didn’t care, but I was annoyed that they just didn’t get what awesomeness they were in the presence of.

He treats me like one of his own and always makes me feel right at home. People with a personality and heart like Paul don’t come around often and I feel very fortunate to have him in my life.


--Emmy (Emily Corkill)


Paul: I laugh everytime I think about the time you, bob bakley and I were on our way to a meeting for work/union. When all of a sudden you screamed from the back seat “snapping turtle”!!! Then you wanted bob to pull over but bob did not. You were alittle upset. Now for all of you animal lovers I’m sure you think Paul was looking out for the safety and welfare of that turtle, but I assure you Paul was looking for dinner. Love you brother, --Ed Griser

Hey Paul,

Just thinking back on all the good times...

- As you would say “Stacking deer like cord wood on the parkway!”

- The 2 years we had hunting the federal land before it was opened to the public!

- All the baiting, hunting, tracking and pulling lost kids out of the woods (MARTENDALE)!

- The pool parties and just talking trash in the war room!!

- All the good times that will never be forgotten.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love you. --The Gerbers


Dear Snap (I never could get used to calling you Paul),

Happy 55th Birthday to best damn hunter and fisherman I’ve ever known. (And that includes my family!) Even if I did gag at the first thing you ever cooked for me when Joe and I were living on 59th in Sea Isle. Fish roe. What the hell was that??!! Well, many exotic meals later, there is still no comparison to the Callahan’s cooking. You’re THE best! So thank God I can make chocolate chip cookies and there will be some coming your way for your birthday. So we will see you soon. Take care and enjoy your day. Love you,

--Lori King

p.s. I will always appreciate you taking Dylan under your wing and teaching him how to hunt. If it wasn’t for you, he may not have had the opportunity at his young age. Here’s to a good hunting season again this fall.

OK. Here we go. Some famous lines and memorable times....

When Paul bought his Ford Ranchero. We were looking around for a new car for him at Mc Carthy Ford. I saw this red ranchero on the lot and said, “How about that one”? Pauls answer quickly was “I don’t like red”. One week later I saw him driving the car.

The time he came down to the dock to tell us he had recieved “The most important call of my life” from Saltwater Sportsman Magazine for an interview with a writer for a story. I forget who actually made the call but it was not anybody from the magazine. We all knew about the call and had all we could do not to laugh as he was telling us. When we did we laughed for a month.

The time the circus was in town and he got a load of elephant shit and packed it all around the motor in Ken Clayton’s truck. Payback for something Ken did to him.

The fact that Capt. Charles Shaffer Sr. used to call him “Cunningham” He would bark across the lot “Cunningham, I wan’t to talk to you”!

And who could forget the time he put the sign on the front of the Trophy Run when Ed Stowe owned the boat after Ed got divorced. The sign read “Big Ed Stowe-Gigilo” He ran a trip with the damn thing lashed on the front of the bridge!

The Crystal Mansion.

I could probably go on for a while. That’s how many good times we all had together over the years.

Have a Happy Birthday my friend and remember “Every Last Scale”!


Hey Paul,

Happy 55th.Hard to believe these many years have passed.Since the time you took me to Louies up at Stockton,we’ve had alot of fun times. You’ve been a great friend. Thanks for being the guy I could always count on.

See you soon, --Joe King

Here are a few fond memories of Paul (& Mom)

- Drinking Kahlua & cream at the teeny house on Main St & having the entire pitcher somehow ending up on Kizzie.

- Having Paul & Doreen stop by the house I was in on in Sea Isle with both dogs, Kizzie & Raven running all around & my prissy stuckup housemates being totally pissed. And both of them just sitting there laughing & laughing.

- Paul walking around Billy’s house in Costa, when we were all there in 2008, singing a song over & over from the Buena Vista Social Club

-Paul babysitting Josh & you so me & your Mom could go out. (then Josh woke up puking & I was puking cause I was hung over)

--Susan Vigen

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  1. Paul will always live on in my mind. He brought the meaning of a "character" to a different level. If you met him once, you never forgot him. I enjoyed surfing with him and against him in ESA. "Do not judge a person's worth by how much they are loved when they are here. Rather, judge them by how much they are missed when they are gone." You will be greatly missed by everyone, Paul. TG