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Friday, August 19, 2011

Homemade Bubbles

I bought a SODASTREAM several weeks ago. It was an exciting purchase, and also an Eco-friendly purchase. We drink heaps of club soda-- an obscene amount. Which means lots of can and plastic bottles. Its easy to use- simply fill water bottle, attach to sodastream, push the button down four times to carbonate the water and then voila! Soda water! Well, the first day when I walked in the house with the sodastream, my mom said "Hey! I wonder if we could make wine into Sparkling wine!!?". Well mom, Genius!! After a rough day, my momma looked at me and said, "So- should I give it a try??". It was delicious! Sodastream, I love you. You've helped me to create not just one of my favorite beverages but TWO! Kudos to my amazing mom for coming up with this brilliant idea!

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