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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buying Fall Crop...

I've had a few inquiries about where we bought our fall crop. If you haven't started greens from seed then you need to buy the plant. In the spring, this is easy and most things are widely available. For some reason you don't find as much in the fall. Why? I dont know. Maybe because we live in a seasonal area. Anywho- SEA GROVE GARDEN CENTER on Rt9 in Ocean View has a decent selection of baby greens. They didn't have any KALE, CABBAGE, or RUBY RED LETTUCE though- so if anyone finds a place that sells these (again, not seeds- but plants) I'd greatly appreciate it.

Again, plants for you fall crop can be purchased here:

Sea Grove Garden Center
2661 N Route 9
Ocean View, Nj
*it's always good to call ahead and make sure they still have what you need in stock

Hope this helps!

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