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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mom Says It Best...

As always, Mom says it best. This is her latest email...

OK so here's the new plan...
We went to the doctor today with our MRI report and disc. The tumor is growing. We are going to continue to get Avastin. The dose will be increased, but the infusion will happen every 3 weeks instead of every two. Paul will be put on two new drugs. They are oral pills. He will take them every day.He will get blood work every week.
The one pill is Tarceva.Its primarily used for Pancreatic cancer , but has some success with brain tumors.Its biggest side effect is rashes and dry skin. He will also take Sirolimus. As soon as I pick it up tomorrow, he will start these two meds.If for any reason they don't do the job or cause too much discomfort there are one or two more possible drugs to try and stop this thing.
Now here's the tough part. We asked the doctor if absolutely nothing works, and the tumor continues to grow at the rate it is right now, then what sort of time frame are we looking at. He said it could be as little as WEEKS. That is not what we wanted to hear , but that is the reality of the situation. Paul is still looking and feeling really good, so we are hoping to continue that. We are still staying positive and hopeful that one of these drugs will at least stop it where it is right now. We need you all to hope and pray along with us. We intend on filling this house with love and peace every moment that we have.
In our usual fashion, we left the doctors office and went to lunch at PF Changs. We came home and Cailin cooked dinner for Paul's brother Sean and the King's.Hey. its what we do.Good times and bad should be shared with friends.
We will be having lots of company in our house and lots of activity. Keep on moving, that's our motto.
I need to go back a few days and thank Megan for her Chicken a la king. Deb for the water and magazines, Jason for the bagels and the visit, Timmy for the Tuna, and to tell you how much fun we had watching Survivor .
Every day , no every MINUTE of your life counts.Live life like you mean it, and never take it or anyone in it for granted.

Love you all, Doreen

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