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Friday, October 29, 2010

Erik Satie.

.Erik Satie.
Divine. Moving. Beautiful.

May 17, 1866 - July 1, 1925
born in Honfleur, France, composer + pianist during the Modern period

"French musical maverick Erik Satie (1866-1925) wrote music that is known as much for its eccentric titles and performance directions as for its unique sound and lack of allegiance to any one aesthetic. Satie's musical education came from the conservatories and the cabarets, and his compositions have both formal and informal aspects. His piano music, especially the Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes, is his best-known work. Much of it has a still thoughtfulness to it that is at once cerebral, yet frank and concisely constructed. His ballets Parade and Rel√Ęche, the Messe des Pauvres, and the symphonic drama Socrate are his important larger works."

Similar composers are:
  • Claude Debussy
  • Phillip Glass
  • Fryderyk Chopin
  • Francis Poulenc

SO... I hate to admit it, but reading Twilight turned me onto Claude Debussy. I've really been enjoying his compositions, though it was his PANDORA station that got me hooked on Erik Satie. I've been listening to a lot of classical music lately - at first it all sounded the same to me. Every once in a while though a song would jump out and really speak to me...whenever I'd check out who it was, low and behold it was always Satie! Now I've come to point out the distinct styles of different composers, more specifically: the works of Debussy vs Chopin vs Satie. And in the end, Satie takes the cake. I was researching Satie and found a touching quote on a "Reviews" site: "It's taken me 20 years to find something that fills my heart with passion, I've found it in composers like Satie." Luckily it hasn't taken me a lifetime to discover and the genius and beauty that he has created. And lucky you - for reading this blog and being educated on the divine, profound compositions of this individual.

amusez-vous bien !

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