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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lula Bandha's CRIB, Ojai Valley, California

Here's a photo journal of my most recent Jaunt to Ojai Valley, California for the CRIB yoga retreat @ Lulu Bandha's. HUGE thanks to the The Soens Clan {Bill, Scott + Alison} for the amazing, warm hospitality. I'll be back sooner than later...

The beautiful, Ojai Valley.

Scott, Alison, Bill and I enjoyed our own little dinner party every night. Bill bought the groceries and I was the chef. This night was Curry Apple Chickpea pasta, Beet + Honey'd Goat Cheese salad with walnuts, and my famous Roasted Squash Soup. Good times on the regular.


We ate all of our lunches @ The Farmer and the Cook. The husband is the farmer, the wife is the cook...and everything they serve is from their garden.

Alison + Me, DownDog, Meditation Mount, post-Jason-Crandell-class

Mr. Bill Soens + Me. Friends Forever.

Jason Crandell, putting us in BOAT...ugh....

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