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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some of This, Some of That.

So much to report! SO this past Thursday Sven + I played at Coffee.Comedy in Sea Isle City. I can confidently say that it was hands down the best show that we have ever had. There weren't that many people there, but hey - quality over quantity. Sven was SO SPOT ON, really listening to the music and just taking it to a whole other level. The set list was 100% originals...many of them songs that I'd written years ago and forgotten about. It was amazing. Another detail that I attribute towards the shows success (or shall I say SVENS success) was that there were 3 gorgeous girls in the crowd. From now on - every show - I'm stocking the audience full of hot chicks so that Sven has someone to show off for. He's so predictable....and so talented and so lovely. Been having a pretty uneventful time at the restaurant - just kind of going through the motions. Everyone there is so miserable and I'm just trying to not let it get me down. Still a bit bent on the whole falling-out with Shawn, but every day I'm without him I feel better and better about it - stronger and more assured that this is the way it should be. I'd taken a break from catering for a week - I was physically, emotionally and mentally broken down. I'm back now - making a Summer Peach Pie for Jim + Eileen as well as some amazing salad with Taylor Gold Pears, goat cheese, dried cherries, fresh mint and basil dressed with homemade balsamic vinagrette {Thanks JULISA for teaching me how to "emulsify" the vinegar!}. I had off ALL day on Saturday, as part of my punishment. Boss lady took me off of the schedule for every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the year because I'd gotten someone to cover my shift for the SEA Paddle Around Manhattan Fundraiser. Anywho, as Gray would say, the Universe doesn't give you anything that you can't all happens for the reason. SO, instead of being bent about my day off - I packed a lunch and headed to the beach with my Mom + Dad for some Quality Time. It was lovely - not crowded, hot but with a nice breeze and some cloud cover. After the beach we all headed to my Aunt Megans for a family party - the first one that I've been able to attend in years because they always are on Saturdays! It was great to catch up with Aunts, Uncles + Cousins and of course to eat some of my Aunt Meg's delicious food. That night I hung out with my good friend KatieD and had a blast. My back has been super tweaked for a few days now, but it didn't stop us from laughing our asses off. I spent the night @ Katie's, which is conveniently located on the same street where I teach yoga! Woke up to my alarm, tried to stretch out my back, and then unfortunately FELL BACK ASLEEP. What a freakin' asshole! I woke up at 7:05am to a phone call from Jennifer Boyce saying "Um, Cailin...are you coming to teach yoga?" Shit Shit Shit Shit SHIT. I went dashing out of the house, this day being the worse day yet with my backpain. I think that my students could tell by the look in my eye so they had mercy on me and said that we would cancel class. We went back to Jim + Eileens for coffee and breakfast, and then I hung upside down on Jimmy's inversion table in attempt to relieve some of the pain I was experiencing. He sent me on my way with a muscle relaxer, a bag that he insisted I fill with ice and apply to my back, and he put a holistic icy-hot patch on my lower back. God bless ya Jimmy!! You're the best. Spent the rest of the day with KatieD, just relaxing around the house. We stopped @ 1st Street for a coffee, ran into the beautiful Brazilian Marcia and then the 3 of us dropped in on Martha + her hubby. By 5pm I was at the Stone Harbor Golf Club, played music until 8:30pm - got some sweet tips from the audience, ate some delicious food and now I'm home - icing up, getting ready for bed.

Today: I'm feeling super lucky to be alive - I'm just feeling it, from my fingers to my toes. Gratitude.

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