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Sunday, August 15, 2010

SEA Paddle Around Manhattan, Rd II

Sven and I were back for the SEA Paddle Around Manhattan. Last year we were lucky enough to be involved and we were stoked that Andrew wanted us again. After a 28 mile paddle around the island of manhattan the paddlers, their families, friends and fans hang out for a little "beach party". Relax, eat a bit and listen to us play. This year Sven actually PADDLED the 28 miles, coming in an impressive 7th place!! Holy shit!! We played some music and then headed up to the fundraiser-afterparty "The White Water Event". Dressed in white, we dined on good food and sipped booze from the open bar. Enjoyed some music, shot the shit with good people and laughed.

Sven, didn't have all white, wore a sheet - turning this high end fundraiser into a toga party....
Sven, post-paddle, super stoked on the 28 miles.

Sven, Me + Andrew - the founder and creator of this event!
Big thanks for Tom Forkin for introducing me to Andrew and making all this happen.
This is where I slept. Under the bridge, in Svens van, which doesn't lock, all by myself. Did I mention that I woke up to a bum peeing outside? Note to drunk Cailin: sleeping in a van, under a bridge, in nyc is probably not a good idea. FYI: Sven and Johnny were not present in the van. At 5am I received a text from Sven saying "Cailin, don't worry about me...I'm going to stay at a friends house, I'll see you in the morning". Great, thanks Sven.

Came home to my car having been towed in AC and a call from my boss telling me not to bother to come into work - goes to show you that no good deed goes unpunished - but this event was well worth it!!!!

What is the SEA?
Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA) is a grassroots, project-based, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that works to preserve fragile coastal habitats, natural ocean waves, a clean ocean, non-restrictive beach access, as well as the cultural and environmental integrity of the sport of surfing.

SEA’s focus encouraged creation of the Paddle NYC event in 2007 to stress the importance of our marine environment in all our lives, and the difference each of us can make.

How It Works:
Every participant in the paddle and race is obligated to raise a minimum of $1,000 with a goal of $1,500. Paddlers who raise $2,500 by August 4th will have their entire entry fee refunded. Last year the paddle raised almost $250,000 dollars with proceeds being split between our choosen Autism organizations and Surfers’ Environmental Alliance.

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  1. You had me in stitches. What a lovely way to have my morning Chai! Shanti.