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Monday, August 16, 2010

Winter Travels, Part I

To begin my winter of traveling my first stop will be...CALIFORNIA!

Flying out October 19th, and returning on October 25th, I'm headed to Ojai for an amazing yoga retreat. I'll be staying in Ventura with Bill Soens and his son (Scott Soens) and daughter-in-law (Allison). I'm so very excited to be attending this amazing conference, and feeling super blessed to have an opportunity to stay with this amazing family! Bill, Allison and I will be attending the 4 day conference, and when we aren't spending our time doing yoga we will be eating good food, enjoying good conversation and soaking up the positive vibrations.

The yoga gathering will take place at the Ojai Yoga Crib. For $550 I will be doing a full day immersion with Paul Crandell {Michelle's favorite yoga-crush!} and then spending 3 days studying under some really outstanding Yogi's. This years instructors are Jason Crandell, Jill Miller, JJ Gormley, Laura Tyree, Kira Rider, Patricia Sullivan, Erich Schiffman, Ravi Ravindra, Saul David Raye, Sean Johnson and Uma Goswami. Check it out:

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