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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ego...and this + that.

Wow. I am so very behind on blogging, and that really upsets me! Writing my blog is a form of meditation for me, one that really helps me stay balanced and happy. I have been so overwhelmingly busy, that the 5-8hours I have free {from about 11PMish til 5AMish} are solely reserved for sleeping- over atleast being horizontal {reading, napping, thinking}. Despite having a packed schedule, I still think like a blogger. Everything that I do, everything that I taste, all that I hear and experience - while it's happening I'm also simultaneously thinking "Now, how will I go about writing this into the blog...what adjectives will I use, which flavors will I compare it to -so on and so forth. So rest assured, my blog is never far from my mind - but sometimes the time it takes me to bring those thoughts to the keyboard is a bit longer than I anticipated.

Here are some things that I had HOPED to blog about this past week:

1. Finally used the JADE Yoga mat that Michelle gifted me, and god-almighty it's AMAZING. I truly will never be able to go back to a regular mat.

2. MASSAGE with ELIZABETH. LP's new lady just so happens to be a massage therapist, and not only that, but she is the BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Truly. Jimmy Bourgeious agrees, as does every other person I've persuaded into getting massaged. She takes you to another universe. Amazing.

3. Sven + Me @ Coffee.Comedy...there wasn't really that many people there, the most empty show that we've ever played, but SVEN sounded AMAZING and every song was quality. Stoked on that.

4. Saw the BLACK KEYS play and fuck - they are fucking rock stars. I played hookie from work, scooped up JamD {bought her a ticket for her birthday}, met Massage Rockstar Elizabeth and friend @ Standard Tap where we proceed to get tipsy. Jam and I downed 3 Jack+Gingers, split a burger and an amazing salad. Cabbed it to the show, got lost in the crowd and lost in the music and got to blow off some steam after a long work week. So necessary. So much fun.

5. SO MANY DELICIOUS RECIPES that I would LOVE to share, but too busy to write them down or type them out. Hopefully I'll get some time this fall and write em for you.

6. Speaking of fall... LOVING this weather. We've been having cool mornings and cool evenings and I love love love love it. Fall is my favorite time in South Jersey. Also, PS: It's August 1st. HOly shit.

7. Quiche. Been eating it and making lots of it.

8. My catering business. It is TAKING OFF and people are loving it. Stoked.

9. KAREN BARLOW: Showering me with bags of fresh, local, organic, hand picked + harvested from a garden she shares with a small community. The most amazing purple string beans, cherry tomatoes, eggplants and so much more!

10. eGO. It's gotta go. I have not been honoring my body lately in yoga. The other day in Michelle's {amazing} yoga class I pushed it too far and I'm paying for it big time now. I live with lymes disease, which mainly affects me in the form of fatigue and sore joints. My wrists and knees and particularly the worst. So, arm balances - they aren't for me. ESPECIALLY in the summertime when I'm already beating the shit out of my joints by waitressing 6 nights a week. My eGO got the best of me though in her Tuesday class. Sure enough we were doing arm balances, some people in class knew that I was a teacher - so I felt the need to "show off" (not that I can even show off, because I can't do the pose!). Goddamnit Cailin. I usually can have an ego free practice and honor my body, but for some reason all that went out the window. Now as I sit here and type my wrists are covered in China Gel and have ice packs on them. They hurt. A lot. So guess what today's theme was in my yoga class? A practice without ego, a life without ego. Badabing.

A quote that is applying to some situations right now:
"Holding onto anger is like holding onto hot coals with the intention of throwing them at someone else - in the end, you are only burning your own hands" - the wise buddha.

there ya have it. nose walking, trash talking, food cooking, mad rambling, list-making, money-making fool.

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  1. you said it sister, i'm icing my hand ask I type! I think we are riding the same wavelength love love you! oh by the way, put this book on your list: Palmento by Robert Camuto, I'll tell you more when we talk later today, love you! xoxo julisa