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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden Time

I helped my mom yesterday grooming dogs, and then when we were done and Dad was awake from his nap we all headed out to putz in the garden. Dad posts up in a chair and points his cane at mom and I, offering up praise and criticism. HE is the one with the green mom and I are known to kill even the most hearty of plants. But this year the garden is mostly in our hands, so wish us luck! For her birthday, my Mom received a FIG TREE from her wonderful friend Lori. We planted that yesterday over by the pig pens and the watermelon patch. I am super exicted for this to start baring fruit because I LOVE figs and they are not an easy thing to find in the supermarkets and farmers markets around here.

I had to cut some asparagus, and even though this has been my job since I was a SMALL CHILD, my Dad posted up and supervised my asaparagus-cutting-skills.

The key to cutting asapargus is a sharp, serrated edge knife. You push the knife a few inches down into the soil, cutting the asapargus about 4" below the surface.

Farming is made even better when you are wearing cute, comfortable boots. Thanks to my friend Rob Kulisek for my epic birthday gift: a pair of SeaVees. Now not only am I a champion asparagus cutter -- but I look damn good when I'm doing it!

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