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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Asia Love.

I've been really homesick for my 50 liter backpack and my adventures. Today though I got a little dose of Asia, and it gave me a lil pep in my step. I got to speak some Chinese ("xie xie"), Vietnamese ("kha moun"), and Thai ("sabai de kha") at the Asian supermarket in pleasantville. I picked up some of my favorite Asian fruits, Mangosteens and Dragonfruit, and scored some chive blossoms for a soup I want to make. Aside from the fruit selection, one of the things I adored about Asia was there ability to incorporate anything and everything into pastries (or as they'd say, "bun"). My mom loves red beans, so I grabbed her a Red Bean Bun and a Sesame Ball (which is stuffed with sweetened red bean paste). The adventure to the Asian supermarket wasn't quite as great as being back in Asia, but it was fun to be surrounded by the foreign familiarities. My Chinese wasn't good enough to ask "Where is the tamarind paste", but it was well enough to say 'Thank You', which brought a smile to the cashiers face. And the market is only 30minutes away, as opposed to 30 hours worth of airtime...but being with my family on the holidays...? Priceless. And now I'm going to go enjoy my mangosteen and day dream about Indonesia....

This is a mangosteen.

You slice around the outside hard shell (like you would an avocado, then remove the white center. Enjoy the pods, but beware, some have seeds. This is sweet and tart and tangy and delicious.

This is a dragonfruit. The texture (and even the taste) are similar to a kiwi. Best way to enjoy? Drizzle some lime over it!!

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