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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times.

Arianne ("Ari) Green is one of my favorite people. She owns the Zen Den, and teaches classes there throughout the week. As I've said before, her classes are challenging and intense - but wonderful and rewarding. Over the past few months that I've been working at the Zen Den, our relationship has shifted from a casual/business exchange to a wonderful friendship. Ari makes me feel appreciated as an employee, inspired as a student, and loved as a friend. And not only have I become close to Ari, but it was a two-for-one deal and I got her badass hubby Adam as well! Last night they wanted to take me out for dinner as a gesture of gratitude for teaching at the Den, but alas - no babysitter! So instead, we stayed in and Adam made his WORLD FAMOUS spring rolls. I was his sous chef, and I was let in on his top secret recipe -- but I'll never tell. If we told ya, we'd have to kill ya...THAT'S how good the spring rolls are! It was great to finally be able to relax and hang with these two, instead of the usual 15 minutes before, after and in-between classes. Around midnight we finally declared that bed time was in order, and since it was so late I just spent the night so I could be fresh for Ari's 9:30am vinyasa. Coffee, children (the Greens 3 little ones: twin boys {mick and jack} and a girl {lucy}), and conversation filled the morning and then we headed to the studio for class. I got my 80lb ass up in the air a few times, and even found myself *almost in a tripod headstand. Thank you Universe for always sending me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. Love Love Love and Gratitude to Adam and Ari for being such amazing human beings, and for inviting me into the family. <3

Adam, showing me the A,B,C's of wrapping spring rolls...

Frying em up outside at a high high heat!

Ari was the drink-pourer and the sauce-getter...we were a solid team.

If I told you the recipe, I'd have to kill ya....

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