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Sunday, December 29, 2013


My uncle Sean is a queen. And tonight he took me out for a night on the town in Key West, where I frolicked and danced with many other queens of all sorts, and a few in really spectacular drag. We started out at Bourbon Bar on Duval for the most amazing karaoke session. I laughed (and cried) a bit as I watched Sean sing (again and again) many of his movements are identical to those of my Dads. We talked briefly about how much we missed him, but then decided it wasn't the best time or place to be crying our eyes out, so we jumped right back into singing and dancing. I was the LAST person to go, but I rocked the house with "Killing Me Softly" by the late, great Roberta Flack. After we closed up shop there we headed to the Monkey Bar for yet more karaoke! It was here that I fell in love. Of course not with an available straight man, but Chris, a happily committed gay man. Alas, my karma! I spent most of the night sitting and talking with Chris and his boyfriend Ryan, and we even made plans to hang out again before I leave. I sang a little Bonnie Raitt karaoke for Chris and then headed home (far past my bed time!). I'm going to sleep now and have to be up in a few hours for my final day of dive training. My ears are a bit sore but no pain no gain!

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