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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Celebration Time.

Me and one of my besties, Bridget. I was so grateful to have a full night of fun with her (she JUST had a baby so she doesn't have much free time!) dancing partner. He twirled me, dipped me, and spun me across the dance floor like I've never been twirled before. So. Much. Fun.
Busted Heels From Too Much Dancing ..... Priceless.


Last night my friends Joe and Samantha tied the knot in Stone Harbor. The wedding was at the teeny-tiny church in town, and the reception was held at the shwanky Reeds across the street. I'm not a huge fan of the Church, but I absolutely adored Mother Susan, who officiated the wedding. I'm actually hoping to get back and attend one of her services sometime. She was such a light. I sang Ben Harpers "Forever" as Sammy walked down the aisle, and thanks to the church being so tiny (there was no room left!), I had the best seat in the house as I had to sit up front in the seat that I was in for singing. Samantha looked straight out of a fairytale, and pure happiness was radiating out from her so bright that it was blinding. She got a bit weepy when she was reciting her vows and when Mother Susan acknowledged the deceased. Sam's father passed away just a few months ago, and the pain of it all is still so fresh. I cried a few tears for her too, and I suppose some for myself as well, knowing that my Dad wouldn't be at my wedding either. Okay, enough sappiness.... 

After the short but sweet ceremony we headed across the street to The Reeds. It's over-the-top-definitely-not-your-typical-south-jersey hotel and restaurant. We had cocktail hour in the lounge with lots of delicious appetizers and, I of course, sipped a really soda! Lately I feel like my life exists solely in the yoga studio. The only people that I see are ones that come to my classes, and the only interactions outside of the studio are with people FROM the studio usually regarding some activity or such OF the studio. So, IT WAS SO AMAZING to be OUT and ABOUT, and DRESSED UP, connecting with good friends that I don't see often enough. Also at the wedding was Darren. He's become a good friend and we've been casually seeing each other for a bit now. Let me tell you something about Darren...the mans got moves. In a dance-off, he would give Justin Timberlake a run for his money. So, no sooner that we were sent to our seats, we were on dance floor!! I was grateful for the two shitty songs that the DJ played, which gave us a chance to sit down and scarf down our (delicious but now cold!) dinner that had been waiting for us as we danced, danced, danced. We danced until they kicked us out...and then we walked across the street to Freds Tavern and danced until 2am and the music went off and the lights came on. Hell, I even danced ON the bar. Both my heels busted open, and my legs today are cursing at me for shaking it so hard. I always dance, but it was that much better because I had an epic dance partner. Darren has set the bar pretty high for a tango-partner thats for sure! 

Today I am exhausted, but the kind of full-body-exhausted that feels-oh-so-good. Another celebration of love, another beautiful evening!

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