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Monday, September 13, 2010

Orange Aura

About a month ago, during class, Eileen said that she saw my aura. It was a golden orange. And she was 100% sure of it. I was quite jealous, because I've never seen an aura before...perhaps I haven't been looking hard enough. A few days later she gave me an old book, David Tansleys' "The Raiment of Light: A Study of the Human Aura". Well, I've been going through all of the STUFF I have, and rediscovered this book. I started skimming through it and read about my aura. Wow. Pretty trippy stuff. Turns out an orange aura is "HARMONY THROUGH CONFLICT". How appropriate.

The book says...

ORANGE - 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict
  • strong affections
  • sympathy
  • physical courage
  • artistic creativity
  • appreciation of the relationships between colour
  • spontaneity and joy
  • quickness of intellect
On the negative side of the fourth ray can express itself as:
  • ambivalence, and instability
  • inaccuracy
  • lack of moral courage
  • impulsiveness
  • moodiness
  • self-centredness
  • worry
  • extravagance
"This is the ray of the person of artistic temperament. Often the fourth ray person is torn by inner conflict as the higher and lower forces of their nature battle for supremacy. They may be wild speculators or gamblers when carried away by their fiery side {rajas} of their natures, or indolent and a moral coward when the tamasic {inertia} aspect of their nature dominates".

"ORANGE: Bright orange indicates vitality and health. This colour when played upon the aura will help to step up the vital forces of the etheric body, thus imparting a sense of increased vitality. It often indicates a strong, vital personality, self-control, thoughtfulness, consideration, intellectual development, pride, ambition and selfish goals. Orange is often looked upon as a symbol of wholesomness."


What color are YOU?

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