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Sunday, September 26, 2010

NYC Jaunt : Part II

NAIL salon, Greenpoint , BROOKLYN

Jaunt #1; Part II

Whoa. So I now realize that I left out ALOT of details in the blog below about day 1 of Jaunt #1 in NYC. To begin, in Little Italy was the Italian Festival for Saint Gennaro. The whole part of town was in a tizzy with arcade-esque games, food stalls and lots and lots o' italians! This was where we enjoyed our sangrias. Afterwards at Eight Mile Creek {the Australian restaurant and pub: 240 mulberry st New York, NY 10012 (212) 431-4635} I was delighted to find that Ravi was bartending. He is great! G and I started off with Elderflower cocktails {elderflower cordial, vodka, champagne and limeade} and then we downed some COOPERS, an Australian beer. We said goodbye and when Emily and I made our way to Webster Hall for the Caribou concert it started to POUR RAIN! We ducked into a random, dark bar and a few minutes later in walks MICHAEL CERA {superbad, arrested development, nick + norah's infinite playlist}!!!!! BAH. I'm obsessed, he is certainly my celebrity crush. We had two pints, I goo-goo and gaa-gaa'd over Michael Cera, and then once the rain let up we headed to our final destination. We ended up leaving the concert early because the lights were making Em nauseous. Anyways, those were the details I left out. NOW, for day #2. Em had left for work and I putzed in her apartment: blogged, facebooked and uploaded some photos. Grabbed and shower and then hit the streets. I love Em's new Polish town. I cruised down to a cafe that Emily had recommended, Milk and Roses. Pardon my french, but it was fucking AMAZING. So amazing that I won't touch on anymore details right now, because this place needs a blog entry all its own. Enjoyed an Americano and the lovely atmosphere before heading to the NAIL salon by Em's place for a $7.50 manicure {a mani-pedi is $17.50}. The asian woman yelled at me for my awful, ugly, short, stubby bitten nails. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know lady. Sat next to a sweet soul sista who found me and my life so entertaining. We talked about black girl booties and her 9 year old daughter, who was going to be very jealous of her mothers new bright orange mani-pedi.
Mani's: $7.50

After my manicure I texted Olia to see if she was around the office. Lucky me...she was!! I made my way to the neighboring borough, Williamsburg. My old stomping grounds. Olia was a GREAT boss. A super laid-back Russian jewelry maker, who insisted upon long coffee breaks and lunch on the roof. She would Reiki all of our jewelry before it went out, and burnt sage over it as well. She sells at high end boutiques, Henry Bendell, as well as online : check her out... Also in the office is Megan Hill and Corinne, Olia's right hand chickadee. We enjoyed a delightful lunch on the rooftop, analyzing the publics obsession with vampires, bringing back OBAMA t-shirts because he needs support now more than ever, and how Megan is getting "old" and loosing touch with the hip music "those kids" are listening to these days. HA. SO much fun to reconnect with these lovely ladies....

Olia, Meg + Corinne.

After lunch in Brooklyn I headed Uptown to meet up with Lance, a very good friend of mine and also the producer of my first album. We talked about his life after separating from his wife, his kids, his job...but mostly we talked about music, and recording album #2. I can't wait, that's going to be my project this winter. Left Lance and met up with Nicole Gorton who's in visiting from California. We bopped and shopped our way around SOHO before meeting up with our friend Cyrus Sutton and his girlfriend Anastasia. Cy is an amazing surfer and an outstanding filmmaker. He was in town for the East Coast debut of his new film "Stoked + Broke" at the Tribeca Surf Film Festival. We all agreed to meet up later in the night @ a party in Brooklyn. We parted ways and then Nicole + I met up with Miss Emilia at an adorable little Italian restaurant, Bianca, on Bleecker between bowery + elizabeth. Again, a meal so outstanding that it needs a blog all its own. So, I'll just leave it at that for now. Said goodbye to Em after dinner then headed to Brooklyn to reunite with Cy, Anastasia and the group at a rooftop BBQ for all the filmmakers. A good time was had, as always. The night continued and then both places we'd had lined up to sleep at that night fell through. We ended up staying on Grand Street in Chinatown at a friend of a friend of a friends place. Thank God for friends of friends! HA. I woke up at 6am so that I could catch my bus and be home in time to start my day. G'damn, I love jaunting!!!
Cy, Nicole + Anastasia, dancing around a dumpster couch in Brooklyn...

Two beautiful, beautiful ladies: Nicole + Anastasia.

The California Crew...cruising on the NYC Subway!

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  1. I wasn't nauseous, just couldn't open my eyes because the lights were sooo bright!! It was a good show though and it was even better seeing you! So glad you could make it and come back soon so I can take you to sample some authentic Polish food!